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ILC’s full-fledged practice caters amongst others to private capital and family offices and also supports the under banking initiatives. With our experience of over a decade in this area of law, we are well equipped to advise our clients in the following areas:

  • Succession planning (including advice on appropriate structures), will writing and trust creation.
  • Business succession planning
  • Restructuring the family partnerships, investment companies and companies engaged in business activities
  • Family governance-related issues
  • Executorship

Business Succession Planning :
It takes years to build and establish a business and maximize its true potential. To ensure that the business or the establishment realizes its true worth at the time of sale, transfer or exit, there's a need to develop and implement a seamless business succession plan. A unique approach with a well-executed succession plan can bring the requisite peace of mind. We usually step in to assist our clients and their businesses with a customized plan.

Estate and Trust Services :
To safeguard your prosperity for the future and guide families in the preservation and transfer of their assets, we possess the necessary expertise to ensure that the legally sustainable structures and pressed in to service for the benefit of our clients.

Family governance :
Family business is a common feature in Asia. It is important for other family members to know their respective role and responsibility pertaining to businesses. There are situations when immediate family members are not available to run the business, which compels the need to have professional management. In many cases families prefer to have a governance document in place to address the above and the underlying issues. We have assisted many families to put the governance structure in place.

We work closely with some of the well-known Trust Companies and are able to provide workable solutions on complex matters of ‘Succession’ related issues and laws.